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Personal care

Woodwards Gripe Water 130ml Woodwards Gripe Water 130ml
Supreme Mehandi cones 1pc Supreme Mehandi cones 1pc
Soap Soft and Fresh (Pears) 100g Soap Soft and Fresh (Pears) 100g
Aloevera Gel (Patanjali) 150ml Aloevera Gel (Patanjali) 150ml
Hamam (Neem) soap 100g Hamam (Neem) soap 100g
Complete Care (Himalaya) 150g Complete Care (Himalaya) 150g
Sugar Free Gold 10g Sugar Free Gold 10g
Navaratna Oil (Himani) - 200ml Navaratna Oil (Himani) - 200ml
Mahanarayan Tail (Dabur) 100ml Mahanarayan Tail (Dabur) 100ml
Moov Cream 30g Moov Cream 30g
Toothpaste (Dabur Meswak) 200g Toothpaste (Dabur Meswak) 200g
Coconut Oil (Rettai Kili) 500ml Coconut Oil (Rettai Kili) 500ml
Baby cream (Johnsons & Johnsons) Baby cream (Johnsons & Johnsons)
Amla Hair Oil (Dabur) - 180 ml Amla Hair Oil (Dabur) - 180 ml
soap (Medimix) - 125g soap (Medimix) - 125g
Herbal Mehandi (Neha) 140g Herbal Mehandi (Neha) 140g
Zandu Balm 8 ml Zandu Balm 8 ml
Baby Oil (Johnsons) Baby Oil (Johnsons)
Almond Drops (Bajaj) 190ml Almond Drops (Bajaj) 190ml